how we do track  your website?

We played key roles in developing data collecting software for many different proposes to help break down the barriers on your website by discovering what your viewer’s intentions are on each page.

At MJL Marketing, we work with the services and products you offer and analyze everything.  Once we have enough data collected from Heatmaps, Website Recordings, and even Google Analytics.  We can find out all the little details to help you stand out from the rest and create a more engaging website for your audience.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. This information provides experienced marketers very helpful information on the performance of your website. When combining this software with other programs, it allows us to pin down the persona of your average purchaser.


Your high traffic and high bounce rate pages offer you the biggest opportunity to retain more Visitors on your site. By setting up Heatmaps for these pages allows our team to identify how your Visitors are engaging with your site pages – and the biggest opportunities to keep more Visitors on your site and increase leads.

Visitor Playback

Visitor Playback is all about putting yourselves into your Visitors’ shoes. By replaying recordings of your abandoning and converting Visitors, you can start to see how your Visitors react to your pages. Are they getting stuck at a particular step? Are you answering the questions they have?

Lead Tracking

We track all leads on your website both by email and by a phone call. We record each call and send a call report the moment they come in.  We also use this information to determine which call was a lead or not.  Tracking our conversions provides us with the most important information!


3 Month Free Trial, No Obligations!

Designed for all companies, small or large.

We are now accepting new applications for our trial offer.   We would like to take the time to get to know you and your business prior to the accepting your application.  Our marketing firm is only accepting 3 new clients this fall beginning October 2017.

Are you wondering how we earn our income?  At MJL Marketing we get paid by the number of leads we generate for you.  Leads are worth more or less to clients depending on a number of factors. The cost per lead is based on your average lead revenue and your previous closing ratio.  The cost per lead should be 3-5% of your sales and we charge monthly after reviewing all leads.  Not only does this motivates our team to continuously add value to our online presence, it also increases the number of leads and brings in a more targeted quality customer who are qualified.  Before we begin our free trial, we go through the exact details.


Our first month will be tracking your current website, phone calls and also email submissions from your website.  We will gather information from both your competitors and the performance of your website and put together a plan for Month 2!

  • Install Tracking Methods on Current Website
  • Analysis and Strategize Current Website Data
  • Competitor Research & Industry Studies


Our second month will be interesting to see how it goes! We will launch our new landing page to compete against your current website.  Both pages will be shown 50% of the time, and we will see which website brings in the most qualified leads. We will also provide you with results from the first month and teach you about our strategies.

  • Launch our new Landing Page
  • Analyse both the current website and our new Landing Page
  • Continue to track all leads via phone and email


Our third month will show you how your new landing page is doing against your current website. At this point, we will know how well we work with each other and we can decide to continue our journey.  We will put together additional landing pages, and cover all ongoing services we will offer for your business.

  • Review all Heatmaps, Recordings, & Analytics
  • Create strategies or other products or services
  • Create a website Blog and Social Media Marketing plan
  • Create a Google Organic & Paid Advesiting plan

To apply for our trial, you will need to click the button below and complete the application form. Once completed, we will contact you to set up a meeting.  During our meeting, we will get the chance to meet each other and learn about our companies and goals!

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We are a marketing agency that specializes in helping companies compete competitively within the digital online world.  We’ve helped many businesses increase sales, develop more effective sales strategies, create brands, develop interactive WordPress websites, and increased organic online rankings on Google, Bing, and even Yahoo.

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